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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions that are commonly asked.  No two people or situations are alike. We would welcome a call to talk about any questions or concerns you may have.


 01  How long does it take to start services?

If the participant has never had waiver services, then the process is a bit more involved.  You first need to go through the eligibility process with the state of Idaho.  Our intake coordinator works with target service coordinators to help individuals apply for services.  The process can take upwards of several months, our staff will be there every step of the way to help with the application process with the state.


If the participant has waiver services and is receiving services from another residential habilitation agency, it is a simple transfer.  Our intake coordinator will help set up the appropriate meetings.  Transfers can take place around two-three weeks.


 02  Do you have a waiting list?


We meet with families and make sure that our team can provide the needed services for each individual we serve. If needs are complex, it may take time to put together the right staff, and support team.  We pride ourselves on providing the best care this can only be done with a full understanding of needs.  We welcome every person to give us a call today to talk about what care can look like. 


 03  Do you provide nursing services?


If nursing services are needed we work with Target Service Coordinators to add them to the plan to work with the team.  Most of the participants we serve have nursing oversight for medication.



 04  Can I visit my son/daughter?


We love and encourage family involvement.  Families often come to visit or check their loved ones out for an activity or overnight trip. Talk to us about checkouts so that we can make sure you have the medications and everything you need to make the time successful.


 05  Are there additional charges for the services?


Services are paid through insurance and or Medicaid. There are no additional charges for the services we provide as long as the individual maintains their eligibility.  If you don't have Medicaid you can apply here:  Application



 06  Do you provide housing?


Some participants in our program have housing in an apartment or their parent's home.  Others have housing that our staff helps them find.  There can also be opportunities for roommates with others that receive services in our program.  Call our office to find out what openings we might have.  We are committed to finding nice affordable housing for everyone. 



 07  I receive services from other providers. Do I have to stop services with them before I can start with Home Reach?


Some services are compatible with Residential Habilitation and some are not.  For example, only one Residential Habilitation provider can be on a plan of care at one time.  Things like target service coordination, nursing, school, supported employment, Developmental Disability Agency.

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