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Available Services

Residential Habilitation is a residential service designed to assist a person to gain and/or maintain skills to live as independently as possible and fully participate in a community setting of their choosing based on the goal for community living contained in the person’s support plan, and to avoid isolation in their homes or communities. Home Reach provides support, supervision, training, and assistance for people to live in their own homes.


Home Reach services include daily supports to maintain the person’s health and safety and assistance with activities. Services give persons with disabilities an alternative to institutional or other community living settings.  The person’s support plan identifies the type, frequency, and amount of support required by the person based on their requirements. Supports can include a few hours a day, up to 24 hours of supervision, but the actual hours of direct care staff support shall be indicated in the person’s budget worksheet. Services are available to those persons who live alone or with roommates.  This includes maintenance of a person’s health and safety; and assistance with activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, and dressing.


Residential Services offered by Home Reach Inc. include:

Self Direction

Including the identification of and response to dangerous or threatening situations, making decisions and choices affecting the individual's life, and initiating changes in living arrangements or life activities.


Socialization training associated with participation in community activities includes assisting the participant to identify activities of interest, working out arrangements to participate in such activities, and identifying specific training activities necessary to assist the participant to continue to participate in such activities on an ongoing basis. 

Money Management

Including training or assistance in handling personal finances, making purchases, and meeting personal financial obligations.  Home Reach works with Participants and their team to develop a monthly budget.   

Home Reach is a Social Security Organizational Payee and offers this service/

Daily Living Skills

including training in accomplishing routine housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, dressing, personal hygiene, self-administration of medications, and other areas of daily living including proper use of adaptive and assistive devices, appliances, home safety, first aid, and emergency procedures


Including training or assistance aimed at enhancing movement within the person's living arrangement, mastering the use of adaptive aids and equipment, accessing and using public transportation, independent travel, or movement within the community.

Behavior Shaping

Includes training and assistance in appropriate expressions of emotions or desires, assertiveness, acquisition of socially appropriate behaviors; or extension of therapeutic services, which consist of reinforcing physical, occupational, speech, and other therapeutic programs and modifications.


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