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Payee Services

Put your passion to work.

Payee Services

Helping you manage your money

A Partner Who Cares
At Home Reach, we are passionate about the smallest details of your unique and individual situation and are committed to providing the best and most effective professional representative payee services designed to not only enable families to successfully manage their money, but also live the quality of life they deserve.
Safe and Secure Service
Our representative payee caseworkers are trained to keep personal information safe and secure. We take pride in our ability to use the most secure technology designed specifically for safeguarding personal and proprietary information

Checks and balances:

  1. When Home Reach is selected and become the payee of individuals’ checks, we maintain records of each individual’s personal funds and all other records pertaining to personal needs accounts  The Personal Spending Account Record will be available for immediate inspection, as applicable.

  2. Participants funds are to be held in trust and not commingled with provider funds. Ledger sheets show deposits, expenditures, and beginning and ending balances.

  3. A procedure or set of procedures to assure that at least two people, other than those having the authorization to receive and disburse funds on behalf of any individual, independently reconcile the bank and/or account records of any individual served by the organization on a monthly basis

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