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Person-Centered Planning

Your Choice and Your Voice

PATH and MAPS are two of our favorite tools for planning because they are flexible to the current needs of the person and their team; incorporate bright drawings and pictures, ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the focal person is expressing themselves.


The gift of person-centered planning for the focal person is that it’s an opportunity to do things differently – to have hospitality, to be surrounded by friends, to be heard, to dream big dreams.    The gift for those in their networks of support is the opportunity to come together and sign up for what makes your heart sing and to finally voice that thing you’ve always wanted to offer and to get a sense of the person’s whole life.   The gift for facilitators is that we can help people prepare for invitation and welcoming, and we can learn to listen even better and to support people to dream big and plan effectively.   We can think deeply about planning, and social justice, quality of life and connections.

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